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GM/Delphi Instrumentation

SOT Electronics has remanufactured Instrument & Display Products since 1976. Our technical staff performs diagnostic and repair functions on your GM vehicle instrument and display (cluster) products following the manufacturer specified guidelines. Each product runs through our line remanufacturing process and is carefully inspected prior to release as "remanufactured." Several service options for repair or remanufacture exist, depending on customer needs.

Speed-O-Tach, Inc. strives to provide you with 24- hour turnaround for all in-house repairs.

The “cluster” in your GM vehicle is typically comprised of the speedometer, odometer, and other gauges and telltale lights that let you know that your vehicle is operating safely. Other common names for the cluster assembly are “dashboard,” “instrument and display panel (the technical name),” and “speedometer” or “speedo assembly.” Prior to approximately 1984, most vehicles had actual cable driven speedometers in them instead of the electronic instrument clusters that are found in vehicles today. The warning mechanisms in these units may very well save you or your family from bodily harm or danger. Cluster problems and malfunctions should be taken very seriously, and should only be addressed by an experienced remanufacturing facility.

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